Flipflops in the Rain

why i hate this effing campaign. oh, yeah — and why i’m starting to hate obama supporters.

i make it a point NOT to talk about politics. living in DC during an election year, i’m finding that’s practically impossible.

i’ll make this brief — i’m a moderate, undecided voter who generally leans liberal (what’s up, my bellingham, wash., hippie roots). i registered to vote on voteforchange.com (smarter people than myself probably realize that this is a Barack Obama site — i’m an idiot.). since then, i have had to unsubscribe two of my email addresses from the spam lists i was inadvertently added to because i was receiving about 4-5 emails a day (most of which were waking me up at 3 a.m. by coming through to my blackberry).

that was the easy part.

i am now receiving 4-5 phone calls a week from 703-340-1178 — a number that was previously unknown to me. now, i rarely answer calls from unknown numbers. after receiving about seven missed calls from this number and no messages, i finally¬† got the courage to answer a few Saturdays ago after a few beers at oktoberfest. what do you know? it was an obama volunteer, asking me to pitch in for a candidate i was not yet ready to support myself.

i respectfully declined, thinking that was enough.

someone else called me the next day. and two days later. and another few days later.

i have now spoken to at least five different obama volunteers — each of them asking me the same thing. each of them receiving the same answer — NO, and take me off your effing telemarketing list.

i just got one more. now, i don’t know if you remember the day i’ve been having, but that was icing on my monday-sucks cake. i told him that he’d better do everything in his power to remove my phone number from their lists.

the next call i get will force me to vote republican. it might seem like a ridiculous reason, but i’m kind of ridiculous sometimes.

and — JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR — arguing with my ridiculousness, and emailing me about my ridiculousness, and calling me about my ridiculousness will NOT convince me to vote for obama.

(and because this is as close to a polical post as you’ll get from me, here’s somewhat of a rebuttal from an anti-McCain-spam monkey.)