Flipflops in the Rain

because i’m worth it.

some days, you just need to vent. that’s apparently what yesterday was for.

today, i’m forcing myself to have a good day. dr. seuss-style actually — my IM status is set to “somehow, some way, today will be a good day.”

i’m wearing a sassy, hot-pink pashmina, and i’ve reorganized my desk. i’m going to buy myself a new purse and eat sushi at lunch. i’m rockin’ the goal-weight jeans that sat in my closet for two years. i slept in a half hour and still got to work on time. i’m laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and being nice to people i don’t particularly like. i’m going to finish a recommendation letter i’ve been putting off for far too long (sorry, pithinator).

and most importantly, i just booked tickets to CABO for a long weekend in december!! hello, relaxation and sunshine. i need you.