Flipflops in the Rain

happy feet…

…i know we still have a few more weeks of winter and there are still snow piles everywhere i turn and it’s not quite warm enough, but i’m wearing flip flops today.

and that makes me happy.

(please to ignore the crappy cell-phone quality and horrible pedicure… instead, think sunshiney, flippy-floppy thoughts!)

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because i’m worth it.

some days, you just need to vent. that’s apparently what yesterday was for.

today, i’m forcing myself to have a good day. dr. seuss-style actually — my IM status is set to “somehow, some way, today will be a good day.”

i’m wearing a sassy, hot-pink pashmina, and i’ve reorganized my desk. i’m going to buy myself a new purse and eat sushi at lunch. i’m rockin’ the goal-weight jeans that sat in my closet for two years. i slept in a half hour and still got to work on time. i’m laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and being nice to people i don’t particularly like. i’m going to finish a recommendation letter i’ve been putting off for far too long (sorry, pithinator).

and most importantly, i just booked tickets to CABO for a long weekend in december!! hello, relaxation and sunshine. i need you.

on hiatus

the past two weeks have been a mess of tears, frustrations, conferences, visitors, new employees, canceled obligations and a whirlwind of other activities that have left my brain reeling and my body begging to crash headfirst into bed and not wake up for days. until i can catch a break from the work-related stressors, i prefer not to spend my downtime staring at a computer screen. instead, i’ve been filling my evenings with exercise (yea!) and my weekends with sunshine.

so while i can’t say how long or short this bloggy break will be, i can say i can’t wait to be back, bragging about my fast food fast (seven weeks today!) and gushing about my new veronica mars dvds.


hot cocoa, not hot yoga…
October 24, 2007, 5:52 pm
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it’s that time of year. my sunday post is actually how i’ve felt every day this week. i’m grumpy and lethargic and don’t want to do anything. my exercise routine has tapered off to one or two days a week (which honestly is more than it’s been for years, so i deserve some time to sit around and mope!). i’m crawling out of my skin, and i don’t even really want to talk about myself.

effing rain. i need to move to cabo.