Flipflops in the Rain

pure and wholesome.
November 13, 2007, 7:47 pm
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Reasons Whole Foods kicks ass in comparison to the average grocery store:

– The produce is actually edible.
– Samples are prevalent.
– I’m always tempted to (and usually do) try something new.
– I have yet to run headfirst into someone who looks like a serial killer.
– It’s less than a mile from my apartment.
– Fresh seafood and delicious ready-made-meals are available at any time of day.
– For some reason, screaming children are nowhere to be found.
– Everything’s a bit pricy, so I only buy what I can eat.
– The wine aisle is amazing.
– I’m not the only person walking around in flipflops in November.
– I always feel healthy and wholesome — even when I’m buying frozen dinners and cheese.

Reasons it doesn’t matter where I shop:
– I still forget the item for which I specifically went to the store.
– It’s only slightly less boring. I hate grocery shopping.