Flipflops in the Rain

because i’m worth it.

some days, you just need to vent. that’s apparently what yesterday was for.

today, i’m forcing myself to have a good day. dr. seuss-style actually — my IM status is set to “somehow, some way, today will be a good day.”

i’m wearing a sassy, hot-pink pashmina, and i’ve reorganized my desk. i’m going to buy myself a new purse and eat sushi at lunch. i’m rockin’ the goal-weight jeans that sat in my closet for two years. i slept in a half hour and still got to work on time. i’m laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and being nice to people i don’t particularly like. i’m going to finish a recommendation letter i’ve been putting off for far too long (sorry, pithinator).

and most importantly, i just booked tickets to CABO for a long weekend in december!! hello, relaxation and sunshine. i need you.

my idea of beautiful

i have a tendency to obsess over things when i decide i like them. today’s happy obsession is the dedication page in my next literary conquest, “extremely loud and incredibly close” by jonathan safron foer. It reads:

To Nicole,
My idea of beautiful.

It’s so simple, yet it makes my whole heart smile inside.

And it makes me think of all the niceties in life that encompass my personal definition of beautiful…

(in no particular order) the word “beautiful”. bizzi. blank journals. brand new lyrics. smoothies. yoga. golden retrievers. italy. sandy white beaches. sunshine. mojitos. cozy hoodies and loose-fitting sweatpants. black and white photography. big earrings and gaudy accessories. pedicures. wine tasting. exploring. laziness. san francisco. snail mail. flip flops. enchanted. lake chelan. super duper happy pink. naptime. this picture. a good book. dolphins. people watching. forehead kisses. hugs from my nieces.

… and so on, and so on.

nineteen: air-e-kuh
November 7, 2007, 7:43 pm
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My BFFAAEAEAE — we’ve gone from neighbors to different coasts, yet we’re still inseparable. You keep me sane and smiling when i need it most.

ten: terry.
October 29, 2007, 5:40 pm
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you always brighten my day from thousands of miles away — even when i don’t want it brightened. i miss your charisma and sparkling personality.