Flipflops in the Rain

the pretty people.

i’m back home, rockin’ sweats and a mild New Year’s Day hangover with my cat. i intended to blog a lil bit about how great it was to see my favorite Seattle-ites and how i’m so looking forward to getting out of debt (New Year’s Resolution Numero Uno). Instead, i’ve been sucked into VH1’s week-long Modelathon and I can’t focus on anything other than hair dye and new clothes (which totally goes against that getting out of debt thing). I don’t know what it is about watching a bunch of pretty, photogenic drama queens, but i’m completely enthralled by ‘Shanthrax’ cheating on her boyfriend, Cassie’s possible eating disorder and Amanda’s bitchiness.

i think i should be more of a diva. maybe it will make me look taller.