Flipflops in the Rain

inspired but cheap.

since my grandmother’s departure, all i’ve wanted to do is stock up on paint supplies, yarn and beads to embark on a period of creative expression. i’m feeling crafty, i’m feeling artistic and i’m feeling alive with the need to just make things. Unfortunately for me, the nearest craft store is nowhere near convenient and the knitting supplies i need are gonna cost me upwards of 50 bucks — twice the price of just buying a mass manufactured scarf from Urban Outfitters.

So instead, i found some old colored pencils and drew a picture.

it’s hideous.

tiny steps and nerdy habits.

my grams is in town.

every time i say that, people around me groan. but the thing is, my grams is pretty effing fabulous. she travels the world regularly and forces me to eat ice cream. she’s the first in line for wine tasting at whole foods and doesn’t seem to sleep. truth be told, she’s wearing me out a lil.

but having her here allows me to embrace my less conventional and mildly nerdy side. i was in bed by 10 on saturday, i’m dying to start knitting again and i’m already halfway finished with ‘love in the time of cholera,’ a book i was just about to shelve. she reminds me that it’s okay to slow down and admire the scenery. she reminds it’s okay that i’m the only one of her grandkids who’s still single (and that it’s okay to admit that was even a concern for that itty bitty millisecond). she reminds me i still have time to learn to cook and paint and write the World’s Greatest Novel That’s Only Slightly Based on Real Events. she reminds me of the woman that i hope to some day be.

it’s almost 8:30. time to curl into bed, lose myself in a tragic love story, sob all over my cat and hopefully be asleep by 9. i have to finish this book before the weekend — grams and i are headed to Colonial Williamsburg for a brief history lesson Saturday.

forty six: sarah jane.
December 8, 2007, 6:58 pm
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makeovers and painting your walls are among my favorite childhood memories. i’m glad we overcame our differences to accept each other as friends again.

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