Flipflops in the Rain

i take it back…

Pithy, you win. Early mornings blow.

5:05 a.m.: Cat threatens to cough up hairball on face. Works much better than an alarm clock.

5:45 a.m.: About to throw this Jimmy CD out the window. Need to update music collection.

5:46 a.m.: Realize I’m going 85 on the Beltway and still being tailgated.

6:02 a.m.: Realize I’m at work and I’ve been on autopilot for most of the morning.

6:03 a.m.: Co-worker greets me with, “We have a reeeeeallly angry customer.”

7:09 a.m.: Finished first cup of coffee. Need three more.

7:10 a.m.: How have I only been here an hour??

i can’t believe i’m saying this…
January 14, 2008, 7:13 am
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Waking up at 4:45 a.m.? Not so bad. Just give me a tall cup of coffee and a quiet office building, and I may even be functional by the time I’m off work at 3.

And beating DC rush hour with Jimmy Eat World blaring in the background? Priceless.

becoming fanatic

in a previous life, i posted about how obsessed i was with jimmy eat world’s “futures.” well, i’ve since grown out of that obsession — and fallen head over heels in love with the band’s new album, “chase this light.” BUY THIS ALBUM. And if not, at least listen to a few of the songs and humor me. I highly recommend “Dizzy” and “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues.” (FYI, it doesn’t look like this album is up on Last.fm yet, so you just may have to buy it…)

they’re coming to the area in november. i must see them. (roommate, are you reading this??)