Flipflops in the Rain

off to see the wizard.

headed to the emerald city for a week. celebrating the holidays and “relaxing” outside of the office for a bit. a lil nervous about my first real trip home, but i’m sure it will be a blast. it should end with many fun and fabulous stories — most of which will be better left off the internet…

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good week!

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fifty four: rob.
December 17, 2007, 8:49 pm
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bro-in-law, it’s about that time when you, me and kim should go pick out the biggest tree in the farm… i miss that simplicity.

kiefer sutherland takes….

I’ve decided i’m completely computer illiterate. (considering i work for a computer software company, this is not such a great conclusion.)

all i wanted to do was post the old youtube clip of kiefer sutherland* taking out a christmas tree to celebrate my weekend trip to NYC where i will revel in the lights of times square, spend hundreds of dollars i don’t have on christmas presents and drink copious amounts of spiked eggnog. i’m pretty sure this is a simple enough task. in fact, i know it is — i’ve done it before. but alas, i got bored trying to figure it out.

Anyway, do yourself a favor (esp. if you have a case of the Fridays like I do…), and click on the above link — even if you’ve seen it before. i heart jack bauer.

*In retrospect, it may be a bit cruel to post a drunken clip of someone who’s serving a jail sentence for DUI. But dammit, that clip captures the holiday spirit (and pirates) at its best.

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one girl, four weeks, eight states, and a partridge in a pear tree.

the writing may have stalled but it’s with good reason. i’ve been back from one long weekend for about three hours and I’m already buying tickets for my next. any excuse to travel, whether it’s to see old friends or to see new sights, is enough to keep me smiling.

(side gripe — i despise the Greyhound Web site. i wish Amtrak wasn’t so expensive.)

if i were a decent photographer, i’d have visuals to capture the fun i’ve been having as of late. of course, this would also require a camera in my possession while having said fun — but i seem to have misplaced mine in boston. (on that note, don’t buy me expensive things. ever.)

a few things you missed out on by not being me in the past few weeks:
delicious food and wine. (obviously, a pre-req for a great time)
a turkey in line at dunkin donuts.
the view from the top of the hub.
the salem witch trials.
the atlantic ocean.
a girl getting prescription drugs confiscated at the brand new concert.
the hard rock cafe’s mac and cheese.
free shots from elvis.
too many cigarettes.
too much pizza.
lots of wind.
lots of fun with some of my favorite people.
(and now that i’m home) lots of affection from my favorite fluffy non-people.

here’s to the Big Apple at Christmas in T minus three days!


why do i always manage to get it in my teeny, tiny head that drinking wine when i’m tired will get me to sleep earlier? and why do i always think i have time for just one more itty, bitty glass? and why does this brilliant concept only come to me on work nights? (fingers crossed that all my customers have gone home for the holidays…)

other than my unfortunate decision to drink a bottle of my favorite wine tonight, this evening has shaped up much better than i originally expected. for one, i had the pleasure of talking to two of my best friends and my lil brother. for two, bizzi bear won’t leave my side. and for three, tomorrow’s thanksgiving eve (as well as boston eve) — the first thanksgiving away from my family and home. there will be much more wining (and in my case, prolly much more whining), many plates of mashed potatoes and plenty of opportunities for me to make an ass of myself.

so i raise my last glass of the night and toast to everything — yea for contentness.

(hmm…maybe now’s the time to make a resolution, as i feel much more inspired by the prospect of pumpkin pie than i usually do by a New Year’s Day hangover.)

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