Flipflops in the Rain

jeepers, creepers, wide awake peepers

i had a dream last night that someone wanted to scoop my eyeballs out of their sockets with a plastic spoon.

i’m not even going to analyze this one. i’m just going to go about my day (and maybe try not to let too many people get a good look at my dazzling baby blue-greens).

i’ve been up since 3. in the morning. considering i usually roll out of bed at 8:10 and jump in my car five minutes later, this is absurd. instead, this morning, i read, watched gilmore girls and fringe, went to the gym, made an omelet and drank orange juice, tea and coffee. i’m still completely wired, and i’m a little concerned about hitting that adrenaline wall come one o’clock.

if the impact of this early morning isn’t too bad, i’m vowing* to get up early at least twice a week because i feel amazingly productive and energetic for once.

*hey, don’t you doubt me — my online vows have worked before… ish.

proof that i’m pretty normal and boring

Miss Crazy Eyes Lauren is forcing me to talk about myself again. Not that I usually have a problem with that, of course.

Seven Quirky, Kooky, Kinda Odd Things about Moi (other than being terrified of raccoons):

1. I make a lot of weird faces, particularly in front of a camera.* On Monday, D.R. sent me this link and said that the girl in the picture looked just like me. I actually look nothing like her, but I sent it around to 10 of my co-workers and they all said basically the same thing — “It’s the eyes and that creepy, twisted face she’s making.”

2. I hate socks and the way they constrict my feet.

3. I “quit” coffee once every six months or so. This goes along with my tendency for trying a new fad diet or exercise routine every six months or so.

4. I always cry when animals die in movies or on TV. The same can’t be said for when humans die.

5. I can never fall asleep at night and I can never wake up in the morning. I’m considering participating in a sleep study.

6. I’m extremely competitive, even when I’m not that good at something. Scratch that — especially when I’m not that good at something. This in turn makes me an extremely poor loser.

7. I was on a bowling team when I was 7.

I taggety tag whoever wants to do this…. Pithy‘s probably the only one who will do it.

*I asked Castlemonkey if he knew of anything I did that was quirky and this was all he could come up with. Validation that I’m fairly normal and boring.