Flipflops in the Rain

the one where i use too many parentheticals to ask you about music

i’m in a music rut, and while i could listen to Brand New on repeat for hours (what? i’m emo-licious at heart), my CD player can’t and it’s starting to skip incessantly.

that’s where you come in — what should i be listening to? (and NO, even though i live for pop music, i do not care for kesha*, and NO, i will not add a stupid dollar sign to her name.)

*except secretly, when my roommate can’t see me listening to blah, blah, blah, and not so secretly, when i’m showing off my mad tik tok clock dance moves. (maxie, pithy and coffee, you know what i’m talkin’ bout — AND YOU LOVE IT.)

my idea of beautiful

i have a tendency to obsess over things when i decide i like them. today’s happy obsession is the dedication page in my next literary conquest, “extremely loud and incredibly close” by jonathan safron foer. It reads:

To Nicole,
My idea of beautiful.

It’s so simple, yet it makes my whole heart smile inside.

And it makes me think of all the niceties in life that encompass my personal definition of beautiful…

(in no particular order) the word “beautiful”. bizzi. blank journals. brand new lyrics. smoothies. yoga. golden retrievers. italy. sandy white beaches. sunshine. mojitos. cozy hoodies and loose-fitting sweatpants. black and white photography. big earrings and gaudy accessories. pedicures. wine tasting. exploring. laziness. san francisco. snail mail. flip flops. enchanted. lake chelan. super duper happy pink. naptime. this picture. a good book. dolphins. people watching. forehead kisses. hugs from my nieces.

… and so on, and so on.


one girl, four weeks, eight states, and a partridge in a pear tree.

the writing may have stalled but it’s with good reason. i’ve been back from one long weekend for about three hours and I’m already buying tickets for my next. any excuse to travel, whether it’s to see old friends or to see new sights, is enough to keep me smiling.

(side gripe — i despise the Greyhound Web site. i wish Amtrak wasn’t so expensive.)

if i were a decent photographer, i’d have visuals to capture the fun i’ve been having as of late. of course, this would also require a camera in my possession while having said fun — but i seem to have misplaced mine in boston. (on that note, don’t buy me expensive things. ever.)

a few things you missed out on by not being me in the past few weeks:
delicious food and wine. (obviously, a pre-req for a great time)
a turkey in line at dunkin donuts.
the view from the top of the hub.
the salem witch trials.
the atlantic ocean.
a girl getting prescription drugs confiscated at the brand new concert.
the hard rock cafe’s mac and cheese.
free shots from elvis.
too many cigarettes.
too much pizza.
lots of wind.
lots of fun with some of my favorite people.
(and now that i’m home) lots of affection from my favorite fluffy non-people.

here’s to the Big Apple at Christmas in T minus three days!