Flipflops in the Rain

i never make time to write here…

… but i did make time to write on two of my college friends’ blogs last week.

Feel free to mozey on over to the homes of two of my favorite bloggers, Jeanna and Paolo, and read these totally awesome posts about ME!, which they both coincidentally posted on my 26th birthday (one of the best i’ve ever had, which I fully intend to update ya’ll about soon-ish):

sloshed in seattle

W(ho)TF is on WIB: Cari

also, make sure to peruse through their archives, particularly if you love reading crazy drunken stories (Je) or seeing some amazing photography (P).

is it still bragging if i’m eating cupcakes for dinner?

last night, i got a facebook comment from denver married friend: “You better stop bragging about all your gym going…remember…i could still kick your ass.” well that left me feeling kinda like an asshole. not because of the bragging (my consistent gym-going this past 9 months is probably my biggest accomplishment in about 20-some odd years), but because all i’ve been doing for the past week is talking about cupcakey deliciousness with pithy.

you see, my dear friend pithy will be starting grad school tomorrow at the prestigious Georgetown University (make sure to go give her a written pat on the back). while i’m extremely excited for her, i’m more excited that this will lead to even more motivation toward her dedication to bringing in yummy goodies to the office because two days a week, she’ll be mere blocks away from the notoriously tasty and popular…. georgetown cupcake!

since making this discovery, we’ve been going on and on about the variety of cupcakes we’ll be trying — chocolate banana, lemon berry, lava judge… i’ve even picked my birthday cupcake of choice from their list of monthly selections (April 3, white choc raz, thankyouverymuch). i’ve never even tried their cupcakes, but something tells me i’ll be eating them weekly until pithy graduates.

…and long story short, i’m over the asshole-ness feeling i was feeling, and i will continue bragging about my awesomely rockstar gym-going-ness via facebook and twitter. it’s not bragging if i’m still fluffy.