Flipflops in the Rain

‘the girl who insisted on coming here’

i’m off to toronto for the next three days! although the 9-hour drive (one way!) makes my already overactive boredom sensors flare up up, i’m looking forward to seeing something new. since moving east, i’ve made a genuine effort to travel around the area and explore. in addition to the thrill i get from mini-adventures like this, it keeps the skin-crawliness to a minimum.

so anyway, i’m off on a road trip to canada with the boys who love to love and hate me. as you can see, we may kill each other within minutes… i haven’t been that far north since the dollar’s value dropped, so i’m thinkin’ we won’t be doing too much shopping. (to be completely honest, judgmental and stereotypical, though, their fashion senses aren’t exactly what you’d expect and i’m ok with not .) in fact, i’m not really sure what we’ll be doing, other than looking for landmarks i recognize from conan o’brien’s toronto stint.

hope everyone else has a fun, relaxing weekend planned!

one year and a day…

my DC-iversary came and went yesterday without so much as an alcohol-fueled toast. How out of character is that?

Here’s to another year of “mild” weather and new adventures!


forty two: taura.
December 4, 2007, 8:06 pm
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your travels take you to the best places. i want to crawl inside your suitcase for all your adventures. we’d have such a blast.