Flipflops in the Rain

crawling out of my skin.
May 21, 2008, 3:48 pm
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i’m often overcome by a feeling of needing to shed my skin and run away from myself. kind of like a snake only less creepy. it usually comes about if:

–i’ve been sitting in one place too long (i’d like to think 45+ hours a week in front of a computer will do that to almost anyone);
–i want to strangle some annoying co-worker(s) who won’t.stop.talking.louder.than.my.ipod.can.play (i’d like think being cooped in the same building with said obnoxious people for 45+ hours a week will do that to almost anyone);
–or i’m just absolutely, positively, ready-to-move-away-and-never-ever-come-back bored with my life (which happens more frequently than i’d like to admit).

today i’ve remembered there’s another time i want to shed my skin. when my skin not only doesn’t want to shed me, but it loves me so much, it wants to amass into larger growths of skin, preferably of the red, bumpy, disgusting, pimply kind right in the middle of my face.

i’m 25 (gah!) — when will i outgrow the remnants of my painful adolescence?