Flipflops in the Rain

lovely life list*

1. do what i love.
2. become fluent in italian.
3. practice yoga at least three times a week.
4. adopt a golden retriever.
5. live in california.
6. swim with dolphins.
7. write every single day.
8. take a mediterranean cruise.
9. travel abroad once a year.
10. take an art class.
11. take a cooking class.
12. take a photography class.
13. pay off credit card(s) every month.
14. become more of an early bird, less of a night owl.
15. quit fast food FOREVER.
16. volunteer at an animal shelter.
17. learn to walk properly (and less painfully) in heels.
18. apply to grad school.
19. take a hot air balloon ride.
20. own a condo.
21. take my nieces on special adventures.
22. run 10 miles straight.
23. read a new book every week.
24. create one amazing, signature meal that i can whip up at a moment’s notice (other than spaghetti).
25. knit a scarf.

*a lovely list in progress

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