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that 2011 list again
August 28, 2011, 11:40 pm
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so, i’ve actually checked off some boxes on the ol’ 2011 not-really-resolutions-but-pretty-much-resolutions list. someone should probably buy me a beer for that accomplishment alone.

i have:

run my first half marathon — check!

gone back to europe — check!

been an adult who keeps her apartment kinda clean — check!

so, what does all this goal-accomplishing mean for me? honestly, not much. accomplishing goals is never as noteworthy has you expect it to be. it just leaves me craving more, planning more.

i’m not a big planner, so i find this unsettling. sure, i like checking things off a list every now and then, but i prefer spontaneity even more. now, i’m like, “oh, now i can run two more half marathons — and i can run them from anywhere in the world! instead of visiting europe again — LIVE in europe! why be an adult when i can act like a carefree kid!?”

this really does not bode well with the version of me who signed up for grad school and moved back to seattle. how can i crush these stir-crazy dreams so i can focus on just being here and now?

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these are a few of my favorite (girly) things
August 25, 2011, 10:32 pm
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as i anxiously squeezed out the last of my origins facewash, i realized, “dear god, i can’t live without certain luxuries.”

when did i become so high maintenance? (answer: i always have been. oh, the joy of having terrible skin as a child.) i’ll admit — i was a dior whore for many, many years. but when your favorite brand repeatedly breaks your heart by discontinuing your favorite products, you need to find a more reliable product.

i always love hearing about other women’s go-to products, so here’s a list of mine:

origins never a dull moment face cleanser.  like i said, dior crushed my loyalty. so I went to origins. i have acne-prone skin* — or at least i did before i used this face wash. i seriously haven’t had more than two teeny, tiny breakouts since i started using this product. (knock on wood.) i change up my face lotion regularly, so this is the only constant in my skin-care routine. because everyone’s skin is so, so different, i will preempt this recommendation with the note that i have oily/combination skin, and i use it twice a day.

kiehls olive fruit oil nourishing conditioner. i have terrible hair. no, seriously. it’s thick and wavy in that really ugly way that makes you feel sorry for it. this conditioner? FIXED THAT. honestly, i’m obsessed. i lather it on a few times a week for five minutes at a time, and it has softened, tamed and prettified my unruly mop top. it doesn’t even matter what shampoo you leave in — THIS WORKS. (capitalization necessary, i love this product THAT MUCH).

l’oreal hair dye. [before you say anything, yes, i realize this might contribute to my thick, wavy, unruly disaster show of a mane, but i don’t care. now that i use the right conditioner (see above), it all balances out! please don’t tell my hair dresser friends i said this] so, i’m cheap. i would much prefer to spend my money on happy hours and new clothes. so spending $200+ to dye my hair every few months is just not an option. i’ve been dying my hair with l’oreal for years, and it hasn’t fallen out yet! (note: i will always shell out the money for a professional when i go lighter. blonde is NOT better when it comes to box dye. trust.)

nars makeup. i’m lucky enough to have a friend who gives me free makeovers and samples whenever i want. and she’s lucky enough to know that i will drop the money for good makeup when i can find it. nars has the best eye shadow duos and foundation. go try it.

mac eye kohl. the first non-liquid eyeliner i’ve used since high school — and i haven’t gone back.

opi “lincoln park after dark” nail polish. yes, it’s almost a cop out to put this on my list since it’s so popular. but honestly, i have yet to find a color that looks this good on so many skin tones.

*honestly, Dove soap is where it’s at if you can’t find anything else that works. it’s gentle and CHEAP. try it before you try something ridiculously expensive.

making a list doesn’t necessarily help me stay motivated…
January 3, 2011, 7:22 pm
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…but i thought i’d give it a shot.

my top goals for 2011:

run a half marathon.

go to europe again.

vacuum/grocery shop/change my sheets regularly (read: be an adult).

practice yoga at least once a week.

try something new every single day.

I’m running a half marathon because of this view.
July 12, 2010, 11:36 pm
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all the cool kids read
June 29, 2010, 12:21 pm
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i’m a bit of a book worm. i don’t mention it much (maybe only once?), but i’m pretty content wrapped up in my down comforter with a good book in one hand, a wine glass in the other and a fluffy cat in my lap. even better, subtract the comforter and lap cat and add a sea of bubbles and candlelight.

since moving back to a small town with not a lot to do and my books all packed away until i move into my own place in FOUR days, i’ve rediscovered the wonderfulness that is the library. these days, if i’m at home with some time to spare, i’m reading rather than watching guilty-pleasure tv.

a sneak peak at my (embarrassingly girly) bookshelf*:
-Spooky Little Girl by Laurie Notaro.
-Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.
-Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton.
-The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
-A Stopover in Venice by Kathryn Walker.
-Confessions of a Rebel Débutante by Anna Fields.
-Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster.

any suggested reads? (i’ve placed a hold on the crazy popular The Help by Kathryn Stockett and The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson.)

*apologies: i’m sorry, but i’m far too lazy to link to all of these. you can find them all by plugging these titles into a nifty tool i like to call google.

i avoided the cliche postal service reference here — you’re welcome.

the movers are here. they’re packing up my stuff, and i’m blogging and watching step 2 and trying not to cry.

i’ve been able to keep my emotions in check a lot better than i ever would’ve expected during the past few weeks (minus the incident where i threw my jack down and fled the room at my birthday party this weekend, but that’s beside the point). i attribute this to the fact that i’m incredibly excited to begin a new adventure and that i’m confident that moving back west is the best decision for me at the moment. i also attribute it to the fact that i have the most amazing, wonderful, awesome friends in d.c., and they’ve held my hand every step of the way.

but now, it’s just me and my cat and some anonymous movers and lots of cardboard boxes in a house that’s echoing from the emptiness on the walls. the move is finally real. and i’m really, really sad.

d.c., i’ll miss you and the cherry blossoms and the thunderstorms and the brunches and the dance parties and even the super-annoying tourists. but because some of the best people in the world still live here, i know i’ll be back to visit soon. and for that, i’m really, really happy.

/end emoliciousness. (and pithy/coffeeonwheels, i didn’t cry while writing this. fyi.)

because i haven’t talked about gossip girl in ages…

* i love chuck bass more and more every season.

* i hate vanessa more and more every season.

* i can’t believe they’re dating in real life. awkward.

* are dan and serena still dating in real life?

* they’re both really annoying, too.

* seriously, why are all the characters so annoying?

* when lil j’s storyline is my favorite, i know we have problems.

* wait, i still love blair.


* she’s hardly been in the past three episodes.

* she needs to be scheming instead of pining after chuck.

* but man! poor chuck! he’s always getting the short end of the stick!

* maybe it’s because he wears so much pink?

* (just a reminder: i’m not chuck bass.)

* THERE’s my girl! and she’s scheming again.

* “prostitutes are people too! …and they have a lot of disposable income.”

* i’m totally not cut out for live blogging and forgot i was doing it for the last 30 minutes of the episode.

* also, there’s really no graceful way to close out bullet points.

* so just gonna put it out there — gossip girl would be nothing without k-bell’s voice.

* xoxo.

if you don’t know, now you know…

sometimes i think about starting a specialized blog. one that’s slightly more focused than my attention span, so you lovely readers will think that i’m an expert in some area or another. maybe.

but then i think about what i know. not cooking. not fashion. not photography.  i don’t really know anything cool. in fact, i know the opposite of cool.

i know guilty pleasures.

case in point: my dear friend maxie posted a link to ashlee simpson today, and i went positively giddy. now, i know what you’re thinking, “ashlee simpson sucks.” and sure, she does a little. but she’s SO. CATCHY. in fact, i started listening to her this morning, and now i can’t get her outta my head (see what i did there?). i kinda love her. if that makes me wrong, i don’t wanna be right (and all those other cliches that justify my musical taste). did anyone else watch her reality show? i JUST DISCOVERED IT’S ONLINE!!! life equals made. (Update: it is in fact NOT online — it’s just a bunch of episode recaps. life equals sad — and also teaches me that i should research before i hit the publish button.)

anyway, i have a lot of secret shame. Uggs? own them, love them — back off! sleep with a teddy bear? Only when my cat’s ignoring me — shut up! guilty-pleasures-wise though, i think the majority of my shame comes from teen soaps and pop music. and that’s just really not interesting. sad, but not interesting.

i don’t really know what the point of this post was other than confessing my illicit love affair with ashlee simpson’s music. which, again, is sad, but not interesting.

home is where my family is…

… and that is in the Northwest.

i moved to the d.c. area on a whim three years ago. ok, that’s a lie. i moved here for my job, but that sounds a lot more boring.

while i loved the change in pace, the rush of adventure i got from moving 3,000 miles from everything i knew and loved, it took me a solid year to get my feet on the ground and build a foundation here. if you read through some of my first posts,  you’ll see that i was on a never-ending roller coaster. so much has changed since then. i’ve met so many wonderful, fantastic, amazingly awesome people who mean the world to me. but i was never meant to permanently live here.

so i’m doing something about it, and as the cherry blossoms bloom this april, i’ll be flying across the country on a one-way ticket home.

happy feet…

…i know we still have a few more weeks of winter and there are still snow piles everywhere i turn and it’s not quite warm enough, but i’m wearing flip flops today.

and that makes me happy.

(please to ignore the crappy cell-phone quality and horrible pedicure… instead, think sunshiney, flippy-floppy thoughts!)

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