Flipflops in the Rain

about flippy

Flipflops in the Rain does not condone the use of rain in our weather system. In addition to putting her in a bad mood, it gets her otherwise-perfectly-happy feet wet and knocks her world off kilter. As a Pacific Northwest native, she may brave the gray skies and stomp though puddles barefoot, but she’d really just prefer a nice warm beach where the sun never fades. In essence, this blog is meant to capture her sunshine-y days, her stormy days and everything in between. If this blog were a genre of music, it’d be emo pop with some meowing and awesome stories thrown into the mix.

~for more flippy-isms, click here and here.

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Hey – I can’t help but wonder… all of your posts that start with a number, what’s that significance?

~ Doniree


Comment by lily

hi, Doniree,

I started taking part in a project called x365, where I commemorate one person a day for a year. As you can see, it’s not going so well… 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Hi there! I’m a PNW gal, too, also making my way passed the rain weenies of the greater DC area. Found you today through comments you left at Heidi’s. I was like, north face? Smoke-free bars? Mountains? Sounds so familiar. Can’t wait to read more here!

Comment by magda

Nice Blog. Flip flops are a fire fighters best friend believe it or mot. When you are away on a wildfire you don’t know what you will be walking on in the shower trailers at fire camp..LOL


Comment by rainwave

Stumbled upon your blog from Nicole is better & I love it!!! I wear flip flops all the time too Lol~~ happy blogging!!

Comment by Chaia

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