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all those things that aren’t perfect yet. ( Filed under: celebrity worship, perfectly impossible, sporty spice | Tags: , , , , , , )

it’s pretty much february. that blows my mind. how has the first month of twenty-ten disappeared already?! i’m making progress on bettering myself and making this MY year. it’s funny though — while i’m making improvements in certain areas of my life, i’m falling HARD off the wagon in others. balance, i’ve always lacked it. […]

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california plus vacation equals happiness ( Filed under: a few of my favorite things, bestest friends, family first, journalicious, party star | Tags: , , , , , , , , , )

the grass is greener in california. the sky is bluer, the sun is brighter, the mac and cheese is cheesier, the people are happier, the activities are morer (copyright: me*). all i really need to say is — my vacation was fabulous, and i want to go back. in no particular order, this is what […]

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california will be a sight for these weary eyes… ( Filed under: a few of my favorite things, celebrity worship, obscure pop culture references | Tags: , , , , , )

yeah, yeah, i hate october. wah, wah, wah. but this year, i’ve been counting down the days because tomorrow… I’M GOING TO CALIFORNIA!! hello, sunshine, celebrities* and cool ocean breeze. mommy’s missed you. *i’ll be in the audience for both chelsea lately and the tonight show with conan o’brien. and!!! kristen bell, my very favorite, […]

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‘the girl who insisted on coming here’ ( Filed under: a few of my favorite things, bestest friends, celebrity worship | Tags: , , , , , , , )

i’m off to toronto for the next three days! although the 9-hour drive (one way!) makes my already overactive boredom sensors flare up up, i’m looking forward to seeing something new. since moving east, i’ve made a genuine effort to travel around the area and explore. in addition to the thrill i get from mini-adventures […]

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