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that 2011 list again
August 28, 2011, 11:40 pm
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so, i’ve actually checked off some boxes on the ol’ 2011 not-really-resolutions-but-pretty-much-resolutions list. someone should probably buy me a beer for that accomplishment alone.

i have:

run my first half marathon — check!

gone back to europe — check!

been an adult who keeps her apartment kinda clean — check!

so, what does all this goal-accomplishing mean for me? honestly, not much. accomplishing goals is never as noteworthy has you expect it to be. it just leaves me craving more, planning more.

i’m not a big planner, so i find this unsettling. sure, i like checking things off a list every now and then, but i prefer¬†spontaneity even more. now, i’m like, “oh, now i can run two more half marathons — and i can run them from anywhere in the world! instead of visiting europe again — LIVE in europe! why be an adult when i can act like a carefree kid!?”

this really does not bode well with the version of me who signed up for grad school and moved back to seattle. how can i crush these stir-crazy dreams so i can focus on just being here and now?

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