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these are a few of my favorite (girly) things
August 25, 2011, 10:32 pm
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as i anxiously squeezed out the last of my origins facewash, i realized, “dear god, i can’t live without certain luxuries.”

when did i become so high maintenance? (answer: i always have been. oh, the joy of having terrible skin as a child.) i’ll admit — i was a dior whore for many, many years. but when your favorite brand repeatedly breaks your heart by discontinuing your favorite products, you need to find a more reliable product.

i always love hearing about other women’s go-to products, so here’s a list of mine:

origins never a dull moment face cleanser.  like i said, dior crushed my loyalty. so I went to origins. i have acne-prone skin* — or at least i did before i used this face wash. i seriously haven’t had more than two teeny, tiny breakouts since i started using this product. (knock on wood.) i change up my face lotion regularly, so this is the only constant in my skin-care routine. because everyone’s skin is so, so different, i will preempt this recommendation with the note that i have oily/combination skin, and i use it twice a day.

kiehls olive fruit oil nourishing conditioner. i have terrible hair. no, seriously. it’s thick and wavy in that really ugly way that makes you feel sorry for it. this conditioner? FIXED THAT. honestly, i’m obsessed. i lather it on a few times a week for five minutes at a time, and it has softened, tamed and prettified my unruly mop top. it doesn’t even matter what shampoo you leave in — THIS WORKS. (capitalization necessary, i love this product THAT MUCH).

l’oreal hair dye. [before you say anything, yes, i realize this might contribute to my thick, wavy, unruly disaster show of a mane, but i don’t care. now that i use the right conditioner (see above), it all balances out! please don’t tell my hair dresser friends i said this] so, i’m cheap. i would much prefer to spend my money on happy hours and new clothes. so spending $200+ to dye my hair every few months is just not an option. i’ve been dying my hair with l’oreal for years, and it hasn’t fallen out yet! (note: i will always shell out the money for a professional when i go lighter. blonde is NOT better when it comes to box dye. trust.)

nars makeup. i’m lucky enough to have a friend who gives me free makeovers and samples whenever i want. and she’s lucky enough to know that i will drop the money for good makeup when i can find it. nars has the best eye shadow duos and foundation. go try it.

mac eye kohl. the first non-liquid eyeliner i’ve used since high school — and i haven’t gone back.

opi “lincoln park after dark” nail polish. yes, it’s almost a cop out to put this on my list since it’s so popular. but honestly, i have yet to find a color that looks this good on so many skin tones.

*honestly, Dove soap is where it’s at if you can’t find anything else that works. it’s gentle and CHEAP. try it before you try something ridiculously expensive.


I had pretty awful skin as an adolescent. I have extremely oily skin and had horrible breakouts in my high school years. But since my junior, maybe senior year in high school I’ve been using baby wash as my face wash and it works WONDERS. It’s gentle, but cleans like a champ and removes makeup. It doesn’t leave my skin super dry and stripped and it smells lovely.

Comment by Stevie

Lancome Bienfiat Multi-Vital moisturizer — I don’t care if they club baby seals to make this stuff, I love it. My 70+ aunt has used Lancome forever and her skin is flawless.

L’oreal Telescopic Mascara — The only one I’ve found (and Sephora profited greatly from my experimenting) that makes my tangled mess o’ lashes into something sexay.

Lush Buffy Body Butter — I swear I use products that begin with other letters of the alphabet. Anyway, this AMAZING bar exfoliates and moisturizes. You know how sometimes elbows get sorta meh? Clears that right up. It’s not harsh and really seals in the moisture in your skin. Get. It. Now.

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