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the lazy girl’s guide to being creative
November 12, 2010, 1:41 am
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my creativity is on hiatus. case in point: i was a ZOMBIE for halloween. ugh. I disgust myself.

to be fair, I was really a zombie school girl, and I told everyone I was “britney’s career.” i also originally planned to go as miss piggy, but then wore the costume early, drank too many jello shots and lost my pig nose.


help me get my brain juices flowing again. how can i be creative without having to really do anything? i don’t have time for arts and crafts and shiz, yo.


p.s. for those keeping track at home, i am NOT running the half marathon in two weeks. it’s a long story, but it mostly boils down to shin splints and knee problems and it being really, really cold outside in november.



I hear a second cat is great for helping with creativity. *winkwinknudgenudgemeowmeow*

Comment by pithycomments

I actually really like the “Britney’s career” line. Ups the creativity ante a bit. I, on the other hand, was… a witch. A freaking WITCH. I wanted to strangle myself for it.

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

You’re so en vogue.

And if you figure out that creativity thing… shoot it my way, mkay??

Comment by Lilu

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