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i’ve changed… i guess i’m a runner now?

so, i’ve decided to become an aspiring runner. maybe it’s because of all the running slash health blogs i read. maybe it’s because it’s pretty in my new kicks. maybe it’s because it allows me to pound out some anxiety, sadness and frustration in a productive way. maybe it’s because i enjoy eating 3.5 pounds of peanut butter m&m’s in four days and i want a way to expend some of those calories. (yeah. that happened. it was disgustingly delicious. please don’t try it at home.)

whatever the reason, i’ve somehow signed on for four races in the next year. i also ran an 8K in may. i don’t even know myself anymore.

next weekend’s is another 8K and there’s a beer garden at the finish line. i also get to dress up like a pirate.

the next one is a few months out, and teams of 4 compete in a 5K obstacle course. there’s also beer at the finish line.

the next one, however, is the seattle half marathon, thanksgiving weekend, and i’m pretty sure there’s no free beer. what the hell am i thinking? have you BEEN to the seattle area in november? it’s awful. god awful. it’s flooded and cold and just awful. i’m thrilled.

the next one — another half —  isn’t until may 2011, so there’s plenty of time to back out.


AMAZING. Good luck! ❤

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

That’s awesome! I too am a veteran of the school of eating large quantities of junk food in one sitting…but my weakness is double stuffed oreos. However, I’m thinking Tae-Kwon-Do which i’m joining will be the cure to my curse 🙂

Comment by Keeli

I’m so proud of you! Please let me know how to get motivated as the idea of a pretty white dress and lots of professional photos hasn’t quite flipped the switch in my head yet :\

Keep up the good work Lovey!

Comment by Rach

You go girl!

Comment by Poem

I’m definitely going to do the Seattle half in November, too. I had such a great experience with the Rock n Roll half that I really want to do it again! Even though the Seattle Half is one of the hardest courses in the country…

Comment by Stevie

I ran last night for the first time in like 2 months and thought of you 🙂

Thanks for the inspiration!

Comment by Rach

Oh gosh, I admire you. I can’t run a lick. But I *can* do a few tricks on a static trapeze. Which I think excuses my lack of running abilities. Hope you have a good time, I *almost* wanted to run in the Greenlake marathon when I lived over there….but I chickened out. Good luck!

Comment by Carrie

[…] for those keeping track at home, i am NOT running the half marathon in two weeks. it’s a long story, but it mostly boils down to shin splints and knee problems […]

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