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pimp my eventual home

i’m not dead, folks. i’ve just been living in limbo at my parents’ house, waiting for some down time to find an apartment and move myself into the big emerald city that i said i was moving to three months ago.

well, i’m halfway there. come july 4, i’ll be living it up in seattle. feel free to send me housewarming presents. or just really good tips on how to decorate on a budget. i’m becoming increasing obsessed with design blogs like design*sponge and young house love (seriously, read their wedding post. they’re amazing. and they live in richmond, va!). i want my personal space to be super pretty and super awesome, but i tend to get overwhelmed when i have to make too many decisions on my own. also, i suck at using craigslist. WHO are these people who can find amazing deals on craigslist and WHY am i not one of them?

i will probably just learn to survive without furniture. thank god for the papason chair i bought in college. nothing says super pretty and super awesome like a dingy and weathered wicker chair.

so yeah. send me presents.


You should start reading thekitchn.com. It’s my fave! Craigslist totally depends on the city and your ability to take your time in decorating. I’ve had some famous hits and total misses.

Comment by Write Gal

Oh my gosh – I am bloody in love with their house (although, there’s kinda a lot of beige. I could use some PINK and RED. Not together cause that’s 80s). Their sun room is amazing!

Comment by Jeanna

Or, you could always model it off my awesome man cave, complete with the pitched tent inside the living room.

Comment by coffeeonwheels

Very cool chair! Hope your new apt. turns out great:)

Comment by Sadako

[…] i’m not moving anywhere. i live alone in the city with my loyal fluffball. i love my job. i have moved on from the relationship i thought was meant […]

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