Flipflops in the Rain

as my favorite boy band would say, ‘bye bye bye’

if all goes well, i’m on a plane with my (drugged-up) cat, and i’m headed back to washington state, and we’re both peacefully sleeping in anticipation of a long week of settling into our new home.

if all goes horribly, horribly wrong, i’m at the airport with my (whiny, hungry, angry and drugged-up) cat, and i’m hoping the flight’s not delayed for too much longer because i’m emotionally drained, and people are glaring at me, and i just want a drink, but it’s too early and it’s weird to bring a cat into the airport bar.

either way, my time as a virginia resident has come to a close.


I’m hoping it’s option A! Here’s to the start of a fun new adventure!!

Comment by stealthnerd

all i do is cry when i visit this blog.

Comment by Maxie

GOOD LUCK, MY DEAR! So begins your new adventure. 🙂

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

What’s wrong with bringing a cat into a bar?

Comment by LiLu

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