Flipflops in the Rain

because i haven’t talked about gossip girl in ages…

* i love chuck bass more and more every season.

* i hate vanessa more and more every season.

* i can’t believe they’re dating in real life. awkward.

* are dan and serena still dating in real life?

* they’re both really annoying, too.

* seriously, why are all the characters so annoying?

* when lil j’s storyline is my favorite, i know we have problems.

* wait, i still love blair.


* she’s hardly been in the past three episodes.

* she needs to be scheming instead of pining after chuck.

* but man! poor chuck! he’s always getting the short end of the stick!

* maybe it’s because he wears so much pink?

* (just a reminder: i’m not chuck bass.)

* THERE’s my girl! and she’s scheming again.

* “prostitutes are people too! …and they have a lot of disposable income.”

* i’m totally not cut out for live blogging and forgot i was doing it for the last 30 minutes of the episode.

* also, there’s really no graceful way to close out bullet points.

* so just gonna put it out there — gossip girl would be nothing without k-bell’s voice.

* xoxo.


Aaaaahh, I totally forgot that Chuck and Vanessa are dating irl. Horrible, horrible, oh most horrible!

Comment by That Kind Of Girl

Yeah, ew, I hate that Chuck and Vanessa are dating in real life. Although, it doesn’t bother me as much knowing that Ed Westwick is British, because as much as I am a sucker for an accent, anything but the Chuck Bass snarl coming from his mouth just doesn’t sound right haha!

Comment by stealthnerd

I haven’t watched GG since the first season, but I need to get backkkk. I think it’ll be a good one to watch on DVD when the show ends.

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

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