Flipflops in the Rain

a conversation i’ve had with almost everyone in the past few weeks

so, i hear you’re leaving?
yup, i’m headed out at the beginning of april.

wow, where are you going?
oh, i’m heading back to the seattle area.

well, we’ll miss you. aren’t you going to miss ____________?
don’t be stupid. i’ve lived here for three years — of course i’m going to miss everyone and everything here! i’m really excited to get back to the northwest though.

what will you do for work? is your company moving you back or are you just going to wing it?
actually, neither. i’ve found an awesome new opportunity through some college friends, and i can’t wait to start on a new adventure.

oh, ok. so where will you be living?
ummmmmmmmm, with my parents for a few weeks/months. should be… fun?

and are you bringing your cat?
is this a real question? of course i’m bringing my cat! we’re shipping my car and household goods, then bizzi and i are flying across the country together.

wait, you’re taking your cat on the plane? will she even FIT on the plane?
as always, the fat jokes are unnecessary. yes, she’ll fit on the plane — she’ll even fit in my carry-on bag, underneath the seat in front of me.

you’d better drug her. that’s a long flight.
thank you for your concern. i’m well aware of the flight times between seattle and d.c.

so, wow. seattle. doesn’t it rain a lot there?
it has its moments, which i’m dreading, but i’m just stoked to be near my family and other loved ones again.

no, but seriously. don’t you get super depressed when it’s grey and wet and rainy?
*nods sheepishly*

that’s gonna suck.
yup. but at least i’m moving in the spring, which generally leads to a beautiful, less rainy summer.

so, are you gonna miss __________________?
don’t be stupid. i’ve lived here for three years — of course i’m going to miss everyone and everything here! i’m really excited to get back to the northwest though.

/rinse annnnnnnnnnnnd repeat.


Yes I am having similar conversations- except I don’t own a cat. Also I’m staying here.

Comment by Patrick

fat joke

Comment by pithycomments

It’s always fun when people question your life decisions, isn’t it? I think it’s super exciting that you’re leaving and embarking on something new!

Comment by stealthnerd

BAH to the Seattle weather comments! We’ve had better weather than half the country this year. 😉 Last summer was one for the record books. Barely rained this winter… didn’t snow. We’re having a fabulous spring so far, Cari! I think Seattle is smiling cause it knows you’re coming home!

Comment by Jeanna

Yeah you tell her Je.

Comment by WeatherMonkey

Glad you’re doing what’s going to make you happy. And can you also tell me how it goes and maybe talk me through my life? Because I think I want to move back to Ohio but I’m a wuss… OK, thanks…

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

Congrats on the move! The East Coast is fine and dandy, but nothing can beat the Pacific northwest!

Comment by That Kind Of Girl

I hate having those repeating conversations – that’s where I would throw in some randomness. Observe: Are you leaving your cat? Yes, I’m going to drop her off outside of an indian restaurant. I’m sure they’ll take good care of her.

Also, I appreciate your use of the words “household goods”.

Comment by OG

You THINK you’re taking your cat with you.

Just wait and see.

Comment by Maxie

When I moved to Seattle (from the Midwest), I’m pretty sure I answered the rain question at least two times a day. Then I started asking people if they realized their faces were ugly and they stopped asking questions.

Comment by Tina

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