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if you don’t know, now you know…

sometimes i think about starting a specialized blog. one that’s slightly more focused than my attention span, so you lovely readers will think that i’m an expert in some area or another. maybe.

but then i think about what i know. not cooking. not fashion. not photography.  i don’t really know anything cool. in fact, i know the opposite of cool.

i know guilty pleasures.

case in point: my dear friend maxie posted a link to ashlee simpson today, and i went positively giddy. now, i know what you’re thinking, “ashlee simpson sucks.” and sure, she does a little. but she’s SO. CATCHY. in fact, i started listening to her this morning, and now i can’t get her outta my head (see what i did there?). i kinda love her. if that makes me wrong, i don’t wanna be right (and all those other cliches that justify my musical taste). did anyone else watch her reality show? i JUST DISCOVERED IT’S ONLINE!!! life equals made. (Update: it is in fact NOT online — it’s just a bunch of episode recaps. life equals sad — and also teaches me that i should research before i hit the publish button.)

anyway, i have a lot of secret shame. Uggs? own them, love them — back off! sleep with a teddy bear? Only when my cat’s ignoring me — shut up! guilty-pleasures-wise though, i think the majority of my shame comes from teen soaps and pop music. and that’s just really not interesting. sad, but not interesting.

i don’t really know what the point of this post was other than confessing my illicit love affair with ashlee simpson’s music. which, again, is sad, but not interesting.


Um, you’re awesome. No further explanation needed.

Comment by Doniree

I confess to actually own an ashelee simpson CD. Who the hell buys CD’s anymore anyways?

I also confess to watching really bad reality tv while wearing my uggs.


Comment by Lauren

mmm…one tree hill…loves it!

And I too own Uggs. And love them. And I write a style blog, so clearly, there’s no expertise required 😉

Comment by stealthnerd

Life is too short for shame.

Comment by LiLu

But at least you know it’s illicit love. That makes it okay, right? If not, there’s a lot I have to confess.

Comment by brad

[…] these days, if i’m at home with some time to spare, i’m reading rather than watching guilty-pleasure […]

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