Flipflops in the Rain

the one where i use too many parentheticals to ask you about music

i’m in a music rut, and while i could listen to Brand New on repeat for hours (what? i’m emo-licious at heart), my CD player can’t and it’s starting to skip incessantly.

that’s where you come in — what should i be listening to? (and NO, even though i live for pop music, i do not care for kesha*, and NO, i will not add a stupid dollar sign to her name.)

*except secretly, when my roommate can’t see me listening to blah, blah, blah, and not so secretly, when i’m showing off my mad tik tok clock dance moves. (maxie, pithy and coffee, you know what i’m talkin’ bout — AND YOU LOVE IT.)


Plastic Beach by Gorillaz.

Also, Get Your Ass to Brunch by Rick.

Comment by Rick

You should definitely be listening to Phoenix.

Comment by Doniree


Comment by Write Gal

Right now really into anything by the Avett Brothers and the Pernice Brothers – seems I love brothers, I guess. I’m also really into Ray Lamontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing” and James Morrison’s “Wonderful World.” Though if you’re primarily into pop, my recs may not be that useful…

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

Agreeing with Doniree you should be listening to Phoenix, try out Lemuria, Passion Pit and Band of Horses, too.

Comment by Lauren

I have to add MGMT, Silversun Pickups (think Brand New’s sequel), Bishop Allen, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes and (needless to say) Third Eye Blind.

Comment by coffeeonwheels


Comment by Matt

Touche, Anna.

Frankly, music sucks right now because it’s hard to find talent in a broken radio system. Let Pandora and your weekly papers show you the way.

Comment by Paolo

Oh, and I second Matt’s Tupac recommendation. Thug life.

Comment by Paolo

I echo Ray LaMontagne. Also, The Sweet Remains.

Comment by brad

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