Flipflops in the Rain

oh my gaw, it’s june…

ok. just seeing if you’re paying attention. it’s actually february. (you’re welcome.) and yes, i realize this is the second post in a month where i started off talking about the date. but seriously — where the heck is time going?!

in my head, though, it’s already june. i’ve already outlined a list of events that are going to get me to summer. sure, most of them are tentative, but they’re reminding me that the random five-feet-tall snow piles lining the d.c. streets will NOT be here forever. thank god.

so what’s coming up?

lots of housewarming/going-away parties.
an 8K race (which i should sign up for…).
a third annual kickass st. patty’s day party.
a 27th annual kickass b-day extravaganza (27?! bloody hell.).
a trip to vegas (no — not that one. sad face.)
road trips to and from north carolina —
and maybe up to new york.
many, many trips to the gym! (you had to have seen that one coming.)

that might not seem like a lot, but PEOPLE! it’s practically june already. 100 days till bikini/bbq/beer-drinking season. are you ready?


so youre not going to the sin city meetup?

aaaand why not?

Comment by Matt

bachelorette party in vegas the weekend before. 😦 i just can’t swing two weekends in a row in sin city… le sigh.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

You need SuaveMonkey time in Sin City.

Comment by SuaveMonkey

living in central arizona doesn’t help my timeline much either, considering it was 79º today (WTF!?) and yes, it is only february.

Comment by Lys

I sure as hell wish it was June!!!!

Comment by walkingonsunshine18

@Suave agreed. let’s go!

@Lys 79 DEGREES?!!? omg, be still my sunshine-loving heart.

@walkingonsunshine meeeeeeee tooooooooooo. but it’ll be here before we know it, i promise!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Damn. I was really hoping it was June, too. I’ve got too much snow rage to last 98 more days.

Comment by brad

Yay for North Carolina and NYC! I need details so I can weasel my way into your plans.

Comment by Write Gal

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