Flipflops in the Rain

regardless, i still hate working from home

testing, testing.

yes, i’m here. yes, i have power. yes, i have internet, and yes, i’m sick of talking about snow, too. SORRY. but in the spirit of remaining positive, a brief list of reasons why working from home rocks my face off:

1. french press coffee > office coffee. without question. i should probably just buy a second french press for my cubicle.
2. fluffy gray cat curled up in my lap. sure, it’s a little difficult to type, but i’m over it.
3. one tree hill and the o.c. reruns.
4. sweats, greasy hair and bare feet.
5. when i turn my computer off for the day, i’m already home.

that’s pretty much it. i want to go back to work. i miss my cube. and i’m kicking myself for leaving my snuggie at the office.


But see…if you HAD your snuggie, you’d be A+ still.

Lesson? Get snuggies for all locations that you spend your time.

Comment by Ben

I want a french press SOOOOO badly.

Comment by Doniree

Number five is the best. Also, lunchtime nap breaks.

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

I never thought I’d thank god for Comcast like I did last night when tv and internet kicked back in. I’ve learned that I’m incapable of surviving without them. Near-death, yo. Near-death.

Comment by brad

Hey! I am too stupid to figure out how to follow you in my reader… please help!!! xx

Comment by Olive

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