Flipflops in the Rain

all those things that aren’t perfect yet.

it’s pretty much february. that blows my mind. how has the first month of twenty-ten disappeared already?!

i’m making progress on bettering myself and making this MY year. it’s funny though — while i’m making improvements in certain areas of my life, i’m falling HARD off the wagon in others. balance, i’ve always lacked it.

i don’t want to jinx myself by listing the things i’ve done well in the past few weeks, so instead, i’ll do what i do best — berate myself for not being perfect:

perfect: never gonna happen. get over yourself, flippy.

gym: i miss you. it’s not you, it’s me. i’m lazy/busy. that might seem counterintuitive, but i assure you, it’s not. it’s just my life.

food: i spend way too much on food that’s way too bad for me. must. start. fast-food fast. AGAIN. must also start cooking because deep down, i know i can.

dentist: get one. immediately. book an appointment shortly after.

conan: stop crying about the whole nbc debacle (it’s been three weeks, after all) and start following coco’s words of wisdom. i’m becoming far too cynical and knowing he would be disappointed in me is kind of a tragedy.

writing: write more. write every day. write online. write in a journal. just write.

money: we’re getting there. slowly but surely, we’re getting there. eventually, we’ll be there.

travel: take the time and just go.



Yeah, I’m not doing so good on the gym thing.

But my roommate signed me up for a dance class today and I HAVE to go.

Even if I die

You aren’t perfect but you’re pretty damn close love.

Comment by DCPrincess

You are an amazing cook because you are genuinely interested in it! That is one creative way to save money and calories.

Comment by Write Gal

If you switch me to the day shift I’ll go to the gym with you every day.

Comment by Maxie

Love this! It’s always so inspiring when you decide to take a year and make it all about YOU and bettering yourself. I’ve tried to do that consciously for the last, well I think at least two or three years, and I finally reached a New Year’s that wasn’t depressing because I was somewhere I didn’t want to be. Yay age!

Comment by Je

But I wanna hear the things you’ve done well! Tell me!

Comment by Doniree

I have NEVER done well at the gym thing. Or the perfection thing. And also, I hate latenight. But I sure do love writing and money…

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

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