Flipflops in the Rain

maybe now i’ll make it to the front page of google for ‘awesome short person in flip flops’

i had big important plans to post about my awesomely awesome weekend in san fran, but then my awesomely awesome travel partner pointed out that i’m the sixth result in google for “stupid short person in flip flops.”

my pride is wounded.

*update: now i’m the first result. SEO FAIL.
**update 2.0: BUT now i’m also the first result for “awesome short person in flip flops.” SEO SUCCESS!!



I got your back.

Comment by Matt


Oddly, pretty sure I’ve never seen you in flip flops.

Comment by Malnurtured Snay

i miss you. can you come back to me?

Comment by Maxie

pretty much the story of my life with the whole short, flip flips thing. 🙂 SEO FAIL.

Comment by rachel

My favorite search to land on me (twss) of the day:

“woman on a gyn table stirrups gang banged”


Comment by LiLu

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, make ’em a hypocrite…or something? I’m in the “awesome” camp, for the record :).

Comment by Mary

I hope your simultaneous SEO fail and success breaks Google. That’ll show them.

(But please don’t actually break Google.)

Comment by brad

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