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the gift that keeps on giving

awww, gift cards. am i the only person in the world that prefers gift cards to real gifts*? seriously — money i have to spend on something fun? yes, please!

this year, i made bank in gift cards. but because of self-imposed shopping restrictions and debt-ridden guilt, i don’t even know how to use them.

so hypothetically, what would you buy if you had hundreds of dollars to spend at, say, nordstrom? shoes? make-up? ridiculously over-priced designer jeans that make your ass look awesome?

while we’re at it, what would you buy at amazon? sephora? or even starbucks? i just need a little nudge and then i think the post-christmas shopping spree can commence.

*so you know i’m not COMPLETELY greedy and ungrateful, i should admit that the best gift i received this year (or pretty much ever) was most certainly not a gift card — it was a pair of diamond earrings my mom had a jeweller make for me from one of my late grandmother‘s bracelets. pretty sure the promise of new clothes and extra lattes didn’t make my heart swell up to 80 times its size like those earrings did.


Go for the sales to make the most out of your free money.

Look for coupons too before you do your shopping

Comment by PQ

I vote for the jeans with the awesome ass powers. And I hear Amazon carries womens unmentionables.

Comment by SuaveMonkey

I sometimes use gift cards to buy presents for the person who gave me the card. Defeats the purpose?

Comment by Write Gal

Personally, I don’t love gift cards. Well, at least to give them. I think it’s just like handing over money and not a whole lot of thought goes into them. HOWEVER, a gift card to Nordstrom is lovely. The world is your oyster there. Love it! I hear the latest thing is those jeans leggings – Nordstrom’s can’t keep them stocked. They’re supposed to be flattering on every body type. My friend just bought some, and they look awesome and comfy. Sure, we’ll be saying in 5 years, what the hell were we thinking. But for now, go for comfort!

Comment by Je

ahem, no mention of Twilight Scene It? bish.

Comment by pithycomments

That’s why I maintain an Amazon Wish List, that way I have an idea of things I want/need when I have a chance to buy them.

If I had Amazon cash I’d start buying all sorts of books I had on my list- maybe you need to sit on the urge to shop to actually see what wants in your life come up naturally.

Comment by Patrick

My bosses don’t know that they bought me a couple hundred dollars’ worth of crap from Target… and I couldn’t be happier with it.


Comment by LiLu

Like your ass doesn’t already look awesome.

Comment by Rick

just found your blog via maxie’s and i think you should know that i agree that giftcards are obviously the best present. a piece of plastic that entitles me to get whatever i want? heaven!

Comment by Olive

100 million percent on the jeans. And some really big ridiculous sunglasses.

Comment by nicoleantoinette

I’m hating you so much that I refuse to answer any of these “hypothetical” questions.

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

[…] you’d think such a drastic change would curb my spending habits. well, you’d think wrong. why don’t you run along and catch up on my history with money…. did you catch that? i’m a credit card company’s DREAM. […]

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