Flipflops in the Rain

so, the snow storm came.

(that’s what she said.)

in all seriousness, i completely doubted that the snOMG/snowmageoddeon/whatever-clever-snow-related-name-you-may-have-called-it-on-twitter was going to hit the D.C. area. in the three years i’ve lived here, i’ve learned a few things — Virginia is not the same as D.C.;  drinking is much more socially acceptable on the East Coast; and even the most minor of snow predictions will create pandemonium,  leading to a rapid depletion of eggs, milk and toilet paper in all local grocery stores.

call me a cynic, but i mocked the panic all day. i had a holiday party to attend that night and nothing was going to get in my way.

and it didn’t. i definitely celebrated that night — i celebrated so hard that by the time it started snowing, i didn’t even realize how fast it was accumulating until i was facedown sobbing in it at the end of the night because i couldn’t catch a cab back to virginia and my boots were definitely not ice proof.

it’s a long, torrid, emotional tale, but after a two-hour walk/metro ride home, i fell through the door, tackled my roommate and didn’t leave the safety net of my house for 72 hours.

and now i know i will be first in line for eggs, milk and toilet paper during next week’s predicted snow showers.


You need to hurry the fuck up and move to DC already.

Comment by Malnurtured Snay

You left out the parts about blind tackling your coworker, almost breaking my hand, forcing everyone to take colombian shots, and it generally being the most awesome night of 2009 (or maybe in the top 20).

Comment by coffeeonwheels

HA! I loved seeing the #snOMG tags on Twitter – here in MN every time it happens we call it #snowmageddon, and it’s hilarious because WE GET AT LEAST ONE SNOWSTORM every year. In fact, we’re supposed to see one start tomorrow, so it’s a good thing I plan to be at my folks’ place in the suburbs by noon. Just get a good pair of boots and plan on staying the night next time if you can!

Comment by Doniree

Bahahaha, this is the best and briefest snowstorm recap in snowstorm history. Love it.

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

you forgot to add cat litter to that list.

Comment by pithycomments

This is what you get for being so skeptical of the weatherman.

Comment by Maxie

BUT you probably sobbed LESS after ‘celebrating hard’.

Comment by Thao

@MS but i LOVE my house. find me something good downtown at the same price, and then we’ll talk.

@FAIL it’s only the most awesome night of the year if you actually remember the whole thing. and that tackling thing, i most certainly don’t remember.

@doni now minneapolis? #snowmaggedeon i would believe every time! you can bet your ass i would’ve been home by 7, wrapped safely in a blanket. good luck with the move!!

@suburban sweetheart i’m glad you can laugh at my pain. 🙂

@pithy true story. the stench from the forgotten litter — so not worth it…

@maxie whatever. did you hear that west virginians are just now learning how to use the internet?

@thao in some ways, you’re probably right. in my head, i know i would’ve done the smart thing and just gone home with some friends who actually lived near the bar!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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