Flipflops in the Rain

i’m not going to write about snow…

… but i will write about what a pain it’s going to be to get anything done in d.c. over the weekend.

i haven’t done any x-mas shopping. none. zilch.

this isn’t out of the ordinary. i’ve been perfecting procrastination since the early 90s, and buying things for other people is just one of those tasks i put off. not because i don’t like giving gifts — i LOVE giving gifts when i know someone will actually like them. no, i put it off because i get completely panicky and anxious that someone will hate something i put way too much effort into buying just for them. (i’m not great with rejection.)

so here i am, tummy churning, head spinning with too many not-so-great ideas — and i (supposedly) won’t be able to leave my house this weekend. so the shopping will be delayed yet again. and once again, santa flippy’s sleigh of goodies will arrive too late for christmas. and this just makes me even more panicky and anxious-y and scatterbrained-y — not only will i end up buying something my friends and family members will hate, but i’ll also disappoint them with my perpetual tardiness.

also, i’m out of kitty litter. which means my cat’s going to hate me this christmas, too.


cough http://amzn.com/w/3JKHRST77HEDS cough

Comment by pithycomments

Weren’t you still in diapers in the early 90s?

Comment by Poem


It snowed this weekend?

Comment by LiLu

You already gave me a christmas present… working from home tomorrow. holla!

Comment by Maxie

That snow better not come between me and my fabulous Flippy New Years weekend!

Comment by Write Gal

You’ll get it all done… no worries. 🙂

Comment by walkingonsunshine18

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