Flipflops in the Rain

a totally not-scary freddy krueger

i ultimately decided that creeping out my friends with gruesome make-up and claws for hands is way too much fun to pass up.

so i went as fredericka krueger — or miss freddie for short.


what you can’t see are my fishnet stockings and an undying desire to disco dance with my claw, thus making me what one dude proclaimed, “a totally not scary freddy krueger.”

whatever. i was still badass. were you able to scoop out jello shots with a blade all night? yeah. didn’t think so.

intimidation is my middle name.


yeah. I’m shaking over here.

Comment by doniree

Its unfair to assume that just because I didn’t wear a costume, I didn’t scoop jello shots out with a blade all night. Kidding…

I totally used a machete, like Jason.

Comment by Matt

oh dear god, how will I ever sleep tonight. Somebody hold me.

Comment by pithycomments

Baller. I’ve never gone gruesome, but I think I just may next year…

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

Awesome? Hell yes! Scary, no. That’s because I know you though.

Comment by justjp

WAR PAINT!!!!!!!!!

Comment by LiLu

My evening also included jello shots, but I had to use my lame fingers :p

Comment by M

I love it. I don’t care if it’s scary or not. It’s awesome. Punch anyone who doesn’t think so in the vagina.

Comment by shine

Well, it’s no ‘Carrie’ but I still love it.

Comment by freckledk

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