Flipflops in the Rain

my cat joined twitter today.

for those of you who follow my tweets, you may have seen an explosion in pet talk today.

a seemingly harmless suggestion to follow another pet led to my cat magically creating an account with the sole purpose of taunting and harassing my friends and me.  (examples: “@flipflopsinrain Who says I’m alone? The raccoons are taking turns mating on your pillow.” or “my mommeh could kick the refried beans out of your mommehs ass.”)

i am not writing these tweets. i didn’t even create the account. i find this a little unsettling, especially since my cat seems to be a pretty superb artist, in between surfing icanhazcheeseburger.

i’m finally going crazy, aren’t i?

a shout out to the other free-spirited creatures who joined twitter today: Kismet, Just a Girl‘s “borderline retarded chihuahua with a serious thing for blankets,” and Nutsak, Pithy‘s one-eyed kitteh. you animals are smarter than the average bear… and that scares me.


The formatting of this post is all retarded, but you get the point.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

So are you going as a crazy cat lady for Halloween?

Comment by Write Gal

She’s a crazy cat lady the other 364 days of the year

Comment by Rach

If Axe Murderer ever joined Twitter, I know she’d hack my account and send everyone e-bombs via DM. You better hope it don’t happen…

Comment by LiLu

I’ll just play along and pretend like you didn’t jack my style and Fabrizio’s Facebook account.

Comment by Paolo

@write gal and rach: yeah, i need a break from my traditional uniform.

@lilu: every time you say axe murderer’s name, it makes me all glowy inside.

@paolo: i still hate you.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

The sad thing is, I am following your cat. What does that say about me?

Comment by justjp

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