Flipflops in the Rain

california plus vacation equals happiness

the grass is greener in california. the sky is bluer, the sun is brighter, the mac and cheese is cheesier, the people are happier, the activities are morer (copyright: me*). all i really need to say is — my vacation was fabulous, and i want to go back.

in no particular order, this is what i did:
spent time with some of my favorite college friends.
reminisced a LOT with said college friends.
ate sushi.
almost got kicked out of a bar for taking my shoes off.
went to conan and chelsea.
rewatched and tried to find myself on both conan and chelsea.
drank beer.
drank wine.
drank sake.
drank champagne.
drank tequila. at disneyland.
got lost looking for an entrance to a secret in-n-out.
finally ate in-n-out (animal style, with a neopolitan shake**)
drove in tons of LA traffic.
navigated LA traffic without a map.
almost left my mom on the side of an LA freeway because she was driving me crazy.
took a ferry to coronodo island.
saw the grey’s anatomy set.
went to a 21-and-older movie theater and drank blue moon.
didn’t exercise.
didn’t think about work.
there’s more.
but i think this list is too long.
and no one even reads lists.

*actually, copyright urban dictionary. who knew?
** you are welcome.


Ah, good times. I totally read this blog btw.

Comment by Woolls

So, how was California? What did you do while there?

Comment by Geekgiant

Get ready to do it all again.

Well, Conan hasn’t committed to MCing the wedding yet… but we’re working on it.

Comment by LiLu

@woolls that’s exactly what i like to hear. hep hep!

@Geekgiant you jackass. 😉

@Lilu that would be the most amazing thing EVER. now i’m expecting it.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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