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i need more sparkle in my life

the gaga concert was fantastic. and sequiny. it made me want to drop everything and become a fun-loving, international pop star. except i lack the necessary singing/dancing/entertaining skills and the interesting yet tragic back story. so maybe i’ll just drop everything and go shopping at forever 21 for metallic leggings and feathery headbands.

but i don’t get to go shopping. because i’m brokety, broke, broke. so the shine in my life must come from cheaper alternatives.

enter home-brewed coffee with a dash of pumpkin pie spice to replace my much-anticipated fall favorite bevvy at starbucks. a library card to fuel my literary genius side. home manicures instead of fancy pampering sessions. ratty highlights with a solid three inches of dirty blonde roots. three-buck chuck in the comfort of my home vs. $45 bottles at fancy restaurants. cup o noodle and saltines for lunch.

all of these changes to my routine — all these sacrifices — and i’m still doing the paycheck-to-paycheck dance.

ah, the life of luxury and glitter.  why must you be so alluring, yet so impossible to achieve?


Sorry, not everyone can match my rockstar lifestyle Cari Sparkles, from almost-Canada. Did I mention I just bought a home? I should make a fan page for myself, just so I can be a fan of my legendary awesomeness. Yeah, virtual high five that!

Comment by coffeeonwheels

OMG, you should totally go as Robin Sparkles for halloween!! Fail over there can be Coffeehouse Barney and I’ll be Stripper Lily!

Comment by pithycomments

We NEED to go to the gaga concert when she comes back to DC. In fact, I think we’d be pretty good concert partners because you tend to go to all the ones I want to see.

Lets make this happen.

Comment by Maxie

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