Flipflops in the Rain

i need more sparkle in my life

the gaga concert was fantastic. and sequiny. it made me want to drop everything and become a fun-loving, international pop star. except i lack the necessary singing/dancing/entertaining skills and the interesting yet tragic back story. so maybe i’ll just drop everything and go shopping at forever 21 for metallic leggings and feathery headbands.

but i don’t get to go shopping. because i’m brokety, broke, broke. so the shine in my life must come from cheaper alternatives.

enter home-brewed coffee with a dash of pumpkin pie spice to replace my much-anticipated fall favorite bevvy at starbucks. a library card to fuel my literary genius side. home manicures instead of fancy pampering sessions. ratty highlights with a solid three inches of dirty blonde roots. three-buck chuck in the comfort of my home vs. $45 bottles at fancy restaurants. cup o noodle and saltines for lunch.

all of these changes to my routine — all these sacrifices — and i’m still doing the paycheck-to-paycheck dance.

ah, the life of luxury and glitter.  why must you be so alluring, yet so impossible to achieve?

i’ll be the girl backstage at your show…

you should know by now that i’m a teenage girl at heart.

therefore, it should be no surprise to you that i’m going to the lady gaga concert tonight and i’m SUPER STOKED!!!

now, let me just be a snooty music fan for a minute and point out that i’ve liked lady gaga since before it was cool to like lady gaga. i liked her when she had dark hair and the castlemonkey thought she was hot. i actually have vintage gaga in heavy rotation on my ipod, and i’ve been considering a gaga halloween costume since march (mostly because i don’t like wearing pants, but that’s beside the point).

but it wasn’t until her mtv movie awards performance that i got really excited to see her — she’s crazy and she’s nuts and it’s going to be fabulous show.

now watch her do the dirty dirty with hottie vampire eric and be excited with me:

jeepers, creepers, wide awake peepers

i had a dream last night that someone wanted to scoop my eyeballs out of their sockets with a plastic spoon.

i’m not even going to analyze this one. i’m just going to go about my day (and maybe try not to let too many people get a good look at my dazzling baby blue-greens).

i’ve been up since 3. in the morning. considering i usually roll out of bed at 8:10 and jump in my car five minutes later, this is absurd. instead, this morning, i read, watched gilmore girls and fringe, went to the gym, made an omelet and drank orange juice, tea and coffee. i’m still completely wired, and i’m a little concerned about hitting that adrenaline wall come one o’clock.

if the impact of this early morning isn’t too bad, i’m vowing* to get up early at least twice a week because i feel amazingly productive and energetic for once.

*hey, don’t you doubt me — my online vows have worked before… ish.

little [woman] lost and… some overdue shout outs

it rained last week, and i didn’t want to wear flip flops. either i’m getting older or i’m completely losing my sense of self.

i’ve gotta say, the past six months have been a roller coaster. well, ok — the last 26 years have been a roller coaster. i’m highly sensitive to boredom and completely overemotional. these traits do not a fun blog make.


in the past six months, i’ve met several lovely people through the d.c. blogging community, and each of them has (unknowingly) motivated me to dip my toes back into the interwebz water and keep writing. So, without further ado, i’m going to put off writing one more day, and finally pass on some bloggy love:

Pithy: Thanks for making me watch gilmore girls and reminding me that highly caffeinated and random rambles are still pretty cool.
Maxie: You’re one awesome, crazy biatch. And yes, I find that inspirational. Your blog posts are legeennnnnnndary! (if you don’t know what that means, give me back my dvds immediately.)
Lilu: Without you and your 1,000+ blog subscriptions, I never would’ve discovered such a tight-knit group of debauchery-loving writers. i love the wide range of topics you cover, and i love you, man.
doniree: I love that you have the follow-through and determination to take on so many amazing projects. i imagine you’ll travel to d.c. someday for one of your adventures, and I can’t wait to finally meet someone I’ve been reading¬† for ages.
Lemmonex: Your openness and honesty have always been a breath of fresh air, and you have a way of making the most painful words sound beautiful.
Katherine: Come back. We miss your stories.
Malnatured Snay: Thank you for always letting me know people care about what I have to say. Even if they don’t, it’s quite encouraging.
Vagabondventures: I miss you, but you make me want to drop everything and follow my dreams. Someday, I will…
DC Princess: I know we just met, but I love that you’ve created a blog community from scratch. You, my dear, can totally achieve anything you put your mind to.

some honorable mentions to some long-time bloggy friends: Je, Castlemonkey, Paolo, WriteGal, GeekGiant, CoffeeonTwoWheels and Woolls.

you all rock my socks off. except i’m not wearing socks. you get the gist.