Flipflops in the Rain

i never make time to write here…

… but i did make time to write on two of my college friends’ blogs last week.

Feel free to mozey on over to the homes of two of my favorite bloggers, Jeanna and Paolo, and read these totally awesome posts about ME!, which they both coincidentally posted on my 26th birthday (one of the best i’ve ever had, which I fully intend to update ya’ll about soon-ish):

sloshed in seattle

W(ho)TF is on WIB: Cari

also, make sure to peruse through their archives, particularly if you love reading crazy drunken stories (Je) or seeing some amazing photography (P).


One of the best? With both Al and I there, I don’t know how anyone’s BD could be any better. Between the two of us, we make memories (that’s what she said)

Comment by bedouin sherpa

You can’t update on it until Friday 😉

THEN it’s really over! xoxo

Comment by LiLu

Thanks, Cari!

Comment by Paolo

funny. I think I can recall all of the seattle debauchery stories. was the bear story at adam’s property? lets make some more memories when you come next month! we’re not too old yet, right?

Comment by air e kuh

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