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beers, boys and violence

i kinda heart hockey. it’s a relatively new discovery, but i totally rock the red whenever i can. I’ve found that this makes me really cool and starts lots of conversations (which is almost unfortunate, since I don’t really understand the rules other than puck goes in goal and, unlike soccer, you can check your opponents.) it also get me lots of free tickets — like tonight. i’m going to be sitting in the second row, center of the rink, and i’m TOTALLY STOKED!!!! i’m popping DR’s hockey cherry and i’m going to convert her into a hockey fan and we’re going to drink beer and it’s going to be TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Also, I was here*:

*and by here, i mean i missed the goal because i was too busy eating my hot dog and dropping my wallet 30 feet below the bleachers and i actually missed the whole thing. but the rest of the crowd enjoyed it quite a lot.


Oh I am so jealous! I’ve been obsessed with hockey for basically my whole life. My dad used to take me and my sister to games at the Tacoma Dome when we were kids. I think it’s pretty much one of the most exciting sports ever. If I ever have kids I’m totally going to make them play. Even the girls. 😉

Comment by SarahBeth

Someone once said my boyfriend looks like Marcus Naslund.
After looking up his pictures and swooning for a few hours, I decided I should really pay more attention to hockey.

Comment by Write Gal

I hope you got your wallet back… that’s a heart stopper.

Comment by LiLu

Hockey is the only support I understand, because it’s like soccer … except on ice. I would love to go see a game sometime.

Comment by Malnurtured Snay

The 2009 version of paying it forward:

I-66 pops Flippy’s jumbo slice cherry —> Flippy pops DR’s hockey cherry —> DR pops…?

Comment by I-66

@Sarah. I actually wanted to play when I was a kid! I played street hockey once and kicked all the boys’ asses. It was awesome.

@Write Gal. i can see it — although the hair’s not curly enough.

@Lilu. I did. I know people in high places.

@MS. I’ll let you know about the next Caps pub crawl! They’re awesome.

@i-66. And yes, I did steal your line.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

@I-66: DR popped both Flippy’s and my sake bomb cherries

I’ll laugh if you guys get whacked w/ a puck. Drinks afterward or will you forget me again?

Comment by pithycomments

@Pithy. Yeah, we’re so close that Jac and Christi warned me that might happen… and yeah, let’s! I know I could use a drink or three.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

i’m canadian, but of ethnic heritage. hockey is the only sport i ‘get’ even with all the ‘technical terms’ but i find it funny how guys are so shocked to find out i like the sport!

Comment by libby

I love hockey hockey hockey! Field Hockey, ice hockey, air hockey…

And however the rest of the song goes…

Comment by kjohnsonesq

I used to play until a freak puck-groin accident, which left me with a dented testicle and a limp. Sigh. Good times.

Comment by PuckMonkey

Just dropping by. Btw, your website have great content!

Comment by Carla

Hockey is awesome. I played left defense for a few years. What other sport (excluding nascar, not a sport) can you get seriously hammered and watch people go fast and get wrecked.

Comment by justjp

i heart hockey too! such a good sport.
sorry to hear about your wallet! hope you got your paws back on it!
thanks for stopping by my digs!

Comment by brookem

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