Flipflops in the Rain

it’s perfectly normal — nothing wrong with me…

no matter how bad a day proves to be, this SNL short makes me laugh so hard i cry. i know i’m a lil late since the “on a boat” video is the latest one circling the interwebz, but seriously — tears. streaming down my face. watch, but uh… wear headphones.


Holy crap! Two posts in as many days? Dare I hope? DARE I?!?!?!

Comment by Malnurtured Snay

I can almost recite this word-for-word. I’m getting close. I’m not sure what that says about me.

Comment by I-66

I think today will be a “thigh of the tiger”, “charlie the unicorn”, “jizz” and other assorted mindless videos kind of day. Wheeeeeeeeee

Comment by pithycomments

This one is so much better than “On a Boat”. Ahh, thanks for reminding me.

Comment by Lemmonex

The first time I saw that short, I laughed so hard I cried. Ridiculous!

Comment by E.P.

I still watch this video at least once a week. Thanks for the reminder to cue my viewing…

Comment by LiLu

this one always gets me.

Comment by Maxie

So glad I didn’t watch that at work. So glad I remembered to watch it at home. Laughing so hard it hurts.

Comment by Kevin

i have to watch this song every few weeks it makes me laugh so hard!

Comment by alexa

@MS And I’m even thinking about posting AGAIN today. Or maybe tomorrow.

@I-66 That says you’re awesome, at least in my book.

@Pithy Yesterday actually ended up being more of a “stare at the clock and wonder why it isn’t moving” day.

@Lemmonex Always! Here’s another for you — http://www.hulu.com/watch/1404/saturday-night-live-snl-digital-short-natalie-raps

@EP Seriously, I cry so hard every time. My co-workers probably think I’m nuts.

@Lilu You’re quite welcome.

@Maxie OMG!! We used to watch that all the time in college. Thank you for reminding me.

@Kevin I’m glad I could introduce you to the pleasures of The Lonely Island

@Alexa It’s seriously the best clip I’ve ever seen.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

one of the best ever …i’m on a boat is fairly hilar too!

Comment by ...love Maegan

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