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please don’t delete me from your favorites
February 18, 2009, 12:36 pm
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when one of your best friends scolds you for not blogging and threatens to delete you from her reader, you realize you’re in trouble.

my list of excuses (as always) is endless, but i’m gonna go with this one — work has been kicking my ass lately. not that i slack off on the job or anything (…insert guilty face here…) but all of my best ideas come during the office and then i forget to write them down. and if you know me at all, you know my short-term memory is literally five seconds long. and then i get home from work and the last thing i want to do is whip out my computer. and then when i think about it, i find that the problem is much, much bigger than having a job that keeps me busy. it’s that i hate my computer and i wish evil things would happen to it and i don’t even want to look at it unless i’m forced to.

and then i think, maybe i should just stop my whining and buy myself a Mac. i mean, technically, having a personal laptop would probably be smarter than using a company-owned one when writing a mildly anonymous blog and updating my twitter and facebook statuses.

and then i remember that i cancel out all the hours i work with all the hours i spend shopping or boozing and i have no money.

and that is the tale of why i’m a blog slacker.

(the short version is that i’m lazy, so you should just read my archives. i’ve provided several links for your convenience.)


On the one hand I see your tweets so I know you’re alive, and thus I get my Flippy Floppy fix. On the other hand… wtf, lazy ass?

See if I try to get you out again the next time I’m in/near your hood.

Comment by I-66

you totally stole my thunder, b/c I was going to post an apology for being so quiet. You bish.

Btw, you forgot “downloading porn” as a reason you should get a mac.

Comment by pithycomments

I completely understand. I have my best ideas at work too, but I usually try to start a draft before I forget. You should see my draft folder.

Okay, I now don’t have an excuse.

Comment by Lauren

I would NEVER delete you from my reader!

Comment by Poem

I’m with 66- at least I have your tweets! Don’t go dying on us, now!

Comment by LiLu

[…] as Flippy stated (and totally stole my thunder, that bitch), work has been kinda busy, school has friggin’ […]

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@i-66: It’s just so much easier to write 170 characters than it is to write 170 words… which yes, that makes me a lazy ass.

@pithy: Pretty sure I download more porn because of work than I do on my own time.

@Lauren: Your ideas almost always scare me, so I won’t scold you if you take blogging breaks.

@Poem: Heart!

@LiLu: I just got robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Come join me in Macdom. It’s lovely.

Comment by kjohnsonesq

i totally feel you on the blogging-laze…

Comment by dmb5_libra

I’m sorry, I didn’t immediately see this because I deleted you from my feed.

XOXO Tiny Hands!

Comment by Write Gal

speaking of boozing, are you coming to the happy hour on friday?!

Comment by Maxie

[…] true: yes, FlipFlops, I did delete you from my […]

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@Kjohnsonesq: Seriously considering it… either buying one, or asking my parents to ship me my very old and clunky Macbook. It’s better than nothing.

@dmb: Welcome! It’s just so hard to stay motivated…

@Write Gal: My heart just died a little.

@Maxie: I sure hope so. You making the trek from WV? It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

I think deleting someone from your favorites is kind of silly. I have people on my favorites list because I am genuinely interested in their lives and how they are doing… whether they update once a week or once a year. And of course I am interested in the life and times of the fabulous Cari, so you’re in no danger of deletion even if you drop of the blog sphere for a while. 🙂

Comment by SarahBeth

I will be there!

Comment by Maxie

I just added you to see what this blog is all about… let’s hope I’m not removing you from my reader either 🙂

Comment by Patrick

Not enough blogging in Seattle, you gotta keep it alive.

Lordy, do I miss Seattle.

Comment by so@24

@Sarah Ditto. 😉

@Maxie The real question is, did you make it home OK?

@Patrick Thanks!

@SO Meeee too, but I miss the West Coast in general.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Geez yowzers. Just the comments alone on this post goes to show you have some people still interested.
But, maybe blogging isn’t your thing, Cari?

Comment by 20-Something

To Jeanna comment, you’ve had 20 people visit your blog in less than a month. Keep up the momentum. 😉

Comment by pmottola

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