Flipflops in the Rain

beers, boys and violence

i kinda heart hockey. it’s a relatively new discovery, but i totally rock the red whenever i can. I’ve found that this makes me really cool and starts lots of conversations (which is almost unfortunate, since I don’t really understand the rules other than puck goes in goal and, unlike soccer, you can check your opponents.) it also get me lots of free tickets — like tonight. i’m going to be sitting in the second row, center of the rink, and i’m TOTALLY STOKED!!!! i’m popping DR’s hockey cherry and i’m going to convert her into a hockey fan and we’re going to drink beer and it’s going to be TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Also, I was here*:

*and by here, i mean i missed the goal because i was too busy eating my hot dog and dropping my wallet 30 feet below the bleachers and i actually missed the whole thing. but the rest of the crowd enjoyed it quite a lot.

it’s perfectly normal — nothing wrong with me…

no matter how bad a day proves to be, this SNL short makes me laugh so hard i cry. i know i’m a lil late since the “on a boat” video is the latest one circling the interwebz, but seriously — tears. streaming down my face. watch, but uh… wear headphones.

please don’t delete me from your favorites
February 18, 2009, 12:36 pm
Filed under: bestest friends, geek chic, work and play

when one of your best friends scolds you for not blogging and threatens to delete you from her reader, you realize you’re in trouble.

my list of excuses (as always) is endless, but i’m gonna go with this one — work has been kicking my ass lately. not that i slack off on the job or anything (…insert guilty face here…) but all of my best ideas come during the office and then i forget to write them down. and if you know me at all, you know my short-term memory is literally five seconds long. and then i get home from work and the last thing i want to do is whip out my computer. and then when i think about it, i find that the problem is much, much bigger than having a job that keeps me busy. it’s that i hate my computer and i wish evil things would happen to it and i don’t even want to look at it unless i’m forced to.

and then i think, maybe i should just stop my whining and buy myself a Mac. i mean, technically, having a personal laptop would probably be smarter than using a company-owned one when writing a mildly anonymous blog and updating my twitter and facebook statuses.

and then i remember that i cancel out all the hours i work with all the hours i spend shopping or boozing and i have no money.

and that is the tale of why i’m a blog slacker.

(the short version is that i’m lazy, so you should just read my archives. i’ve provided several links for your convenience.)