Flipflops in the Rain

definitely not flipflop weather

In case you haven’t figured it out, I seriously hate rain — but reading about the Washington state floods is making me sick to my stomach. This video shows the devastation that my hometown has suffered in the past 48 hours. Is it weird that I feel guilty for not being home right now? To all my Valley Rats, Seattleites, Bellinghamsters and Ferndaliens, please be safe and stay dry.


picture stolen from my friend erika, who risked her life to play stormwatcher with her family yesterday. and to think i’m the one who majored in journalism.


The Benz practically has gills.

Comment by SmugMonkey

Definitely not felt-shoe weather either. Too bad I didn’t realize that when I left the apt. My feet are soaked.

Comment by Lauren

I know, it’s completely nuts! I’m going to start constructing my Ark when I get home from work tonight…

Comment by SarahBeth

Oh, how crazy… okay, I will stop complaining about how yesterday ruined my suede boots now!

Comment by LiLu

I’ll keep this image in my head as I fly to the tropics this weekend. Actually, that is a lie.

Comment by Write Gal

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