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since my 2008 resolution was an overwhelming FAIL (let’s just say, i’m not meant to be rich), i decided not to do resolutions this year — just basic to-better-myself-is-to-happy-myself goals. (i have no idea what that meant). the goals include write more, eat less, yoddi yoddi yodda.

instead, in the past six days, when i’m not writing less and eating more, all i’ve done is morph into this*:


i apparently don’t like drawing extremities. also, i have red hair again — but that’s the only resemblance to my real life. (although TV-framed glasses would be AWESOME.)

so i now resolve that as soon as i finish the 5th season of “one tree hill” on dvd, i’ll be back to my ass-kicking self. except of course on monday nights. and unless of course amazon delivers my “how i met your mother” and “30 rock” sets by then.

*possibly part of a new weekly series as requested by Crazy Eyes.


I’m so there w/ you. I have Bones, Dark Angel, 24, Superpretty, HIMYM and now, BSG to catch up on via DVD. Now add Lost, 24, Castle and Dollhouse to regular Tivo rotation. Oh, and grad school. Wonder if I could major in Fandom??

Comment by pithycomments

You remember when you told me I watch too much TV?

Yeahhhhh…welcome to the unwashed masses…

Comment by Lauren

yes, i remember…. and i’m so ashamed. i blame you and pithy. and my roommates. and dvr. and the awesomeness that is the CW.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

I may or may not be a chick-show junkie, for which I of course blame you and the fact I have more female friends than guy friends.

As to your art, I love it and totally agree with the minimalistic approach of your self-portrait, considering your nub like limbs.

Comment by AnonymousMonkey

[…] since moving back to in a small town with not a lot to do and my books all packed away until i move into my own place in FOUR days, i’ve rediscovered the wonder that is the library. these days, if i’m at home with some time to spare, i’m reading rather than watching guilty-pleasure tv. […]

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