Flipflops in the Rain

a thirst for vampire art

as i’ve found that the best way to increase blog traffic is to mention twilight, edward cullen and life-sized cut outs of chuck bass, i decided to grace you all with another example of my developing artistic ability:



Oopid lamb.

Comment by pithycomments

Hilarious 🙂 And Chuck Bass pops up in my search terms too, even though it was a post I wrote EONS ago, before I bought/launched LilySpeak. Funny!

Comment by lily

I demand this become a weekly series.

Comment by lauren

You’re like the Picasso of Microsoft Paint.

Comment by Paolo

I love this. The whole time I was reading Twilight I was thinking, “Why doesn’t he just bite her already?!?”

Comment by SarahBeth

did you use paint? because that’s some talent you got there! lol…i can’t draw for beans on that thing!

Comment by libby

i think this pic id stupido cause edwards hot and bellas a good person.

Comment by ally

si! edwards licks the sweat from a pigs reproductive glands, bellas was caught mating with a burro and vampires aren’t real.

btw, forgive my engrish i’m colombian.

Comment by EngrishMonkey

Brilliant! Now *that* movie I’d see.

Comment by lacochran

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