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merry christmas, you filthy animal…

i just opened the last box on my advent calendar…. yea for Christmas!

it took me a while to get in the spirit this year, mostly because i didn’t realize it was december until we were already two weeks in. then, just as i was geared up for the holidays — including creating this nifty lil number for our ugly sweater party (my roommate calls it “The Lil’ Orphan That Tried”) — i was knocked out with the vicious stomach plague that seems to be making the rounds. Once I recovered from that, I was blessed with a death cold, which is now gracing me with its presence.

However, what’s a shortage of breath and a plethora of earaches and snot when it’s finally Christmas Eve?! i thought i’d be depressed today since this is my first Christmas away from my family, but i’m surprisingly pretty jolly. my nieces unfortunately will have to miss out on their annual holiday activities with Auntie Claus, but they should be receiving their Christmas cash just in the nick of time for me to keep wearing my Cool Aunt badge.  i’m also pleased to say that i finished all of my shopping yesterday on my lunch break — after starting it yesterday on my lunch break… (ahem, except of course for those of you who have been randomly selected to be a part of my inaugural New Year’s Gifts from Flippy Program. you can expect to see your gifts sometime before Dec. 31, 2009. and they might not be gifts at all. they might just be hugs. or beer. i’ve found that the two are pretty interchangeable.)

we’ve got free food covering every inch of the office until 3:01 p.m., when free booze magically appears in my hands and my belly. i love Christmas.

and now, a present to all of you, using my newly found talent for quickly and sloppily using Microsoft Paint:

my cat wishes you a very happy holiday!

my cat wishes you a very "Meowy Christmas. Hope it's PURRRRRRfect!" (don't worry -- in real life, she has legs.)


we should totally get bizzigirl and Nutsak under the mistletoe tonight. I’ll trim his nails first!

Comment by pithycomments

I’m happy you’re so jolly despite the 10 plagues being brought unto yea and I love the present. You should frame it and hang it right above the fireplace.

I also can’t believe you like Home Alone 2. I hate that little kid. He makes my Xmas-stabby-hand twitch.

Merry Xmas Eve Kiddo

Comment by XmasMonkey

my prized possession when i was a kid was my autographed picture of Macaulay Culkin — how can you hate him?!?

Comment by flipflopsintherain

I’m pretty sure he was the original douche face.

Comment by XmasMonkey

all I wanted for Christmas was a hug from miss cari! 🙂

Comment by air e kuh

Merry Christmas!

Comment by Paolo

Aww, hugs to you, E — I miss you!

Merry Christmas, P — glad you had fun in Indiana!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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