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and so the lion fell in love with blah blah blah…

about three things i’m absolutely positive:

1. edward cullen is a vampire…who looks exactly like chuck bass.
2. the part i enjoyed most about ‘twilight’ is that it took place in the pacific northwest…complete with washington state license plates that always leave me feeling strangely nostalgic for home.
3. even though i didn’t really like the book, didn’t really like the movie, and they killed off my favorite character (ooops…spoiler?), i’m still somewhat obsessed with the movie and can’t wait to see what they do with the sequel… but mostly so i can mock it.


1. While Edward isn’t my cup o’ tea, there’s no way he’s a fugly or gay as Chuck Bass

2. The mentions of Jacksonville did not make me nostalgic for home except for the freakout at the end that Bella had going there. That reaction is v. familiar.

3. Watching the Twilight parodies before seeing the movie greatly helps w. mocking. Especially the Jizz in my Pants one.

Comment by pithycomments

I thought Edward looked like a cross between Chuck Bass and Marcel from “Top Chef” season 2.

Comment by Write Gal

@Pithy I heart Chuck Bass…

@WG Marcel’s kinda creepy. He’s also from Bainbridge!

*I forgot to mention that I thoroughly enjoy how diverse all the kids in Forks High School are. They really did a great job of representing Small Town, WA.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Heh, I almost walked out of that movie three times. But I have high hopes for “Breaking Dawn,” with a new director and more cash money!$$$

Comment by Write Gal

I meant “New Moon,” but whatevs.

Comment by Write Gal

He DOES look like Chuck Bass! Who, although I know he shouldn’t, makes me tingle in my naughty place… he’s just SO BAD. SO AWESOMELY BAD!

Comment by LiLu

Chuck Bass definitely had the vampire look going in the last episode of Gossip Girl. I was thinking that the entire time!

Comment by Playful Professional

His name sounds like a phrase fishermen use. Or a phrase Karla uses after getting sick eating seafood.

Comment by SmugMonkey

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aaaand i hated the sequel. BOO

Comment by Olive

1. edward cullen is a vampire…who looks exactly like chuck bass.

i think edward cullen is a vampire who looks exactly like a WEREWOLF.. 🙂

I accidentally opened your blog because of ed’s picture with rob (Rob looking like a werewolf because of his very untidy hair) captioned, 1. edward cullen is a vampire…who looks exactly like chuck bass.

Comment by HACHI

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